We export and sell worldwide to end users and distributors. With our experienced package handlers, be assured that your packages will reach you in a timely and professional manner. Distributors buying from us in bulk can expect special prices. 







Eng Soon has customers throughout the world, mainly in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific. Listed below are some of the countries where we have regular customers.


Australia Republic of Fiji Korea New Zealand


Hong Kong Malaysia Philippines
Cambodia India Mauritius Sri Lanka
China Indonesia Maldives Taiwan
Eygpt Japan Myanmar United States of America



Sea Freight



The most economical option for orders with large volume or mass. Sea freight is good for companies that can afford the time and large orders, in order to get the lowest average cost. Our trusted shipping partners will assure you the best possible service and prices. Alternatively, you could also arrange for a logistic company of your choice to pick up the goods from us.

Air Post



Affordable and quick postal service for end users or companies who require short lead times. Our air shipments are mostly collected from us on the same day of order. Such is the determination that we strive to provide our customers. 

Express services



For orders which cannot wait, there is always the option of the express service. We use DHL for this purpose and trust that their reputation and services will live up to your expectations. Our sales team will advice you on the cost before shipment.